About Us


A Brief History

Cow Pies is an American deli and frozen custard shop in Highlands County Florida. Walking into the store is like walking back in time. From our rustic walls to our brown paper bag floor, we appeal to a large variety of people. The building was built in 1919 and was originally a house set in the middle of an avocado grove. Since then it has been many businesses and has had many faces. Established in March of 2013, we have grown rapidly into one of central Florida’s leading custard retailers. We are family owned and operated and aim to stay that way. We strongly believe in having a relationship with each and every customer that walks through our doors. From an avocado grove to an antique shop to a hardware store to a frozen custard shop, here at Cow Pies we are dedicated to making each and every experience an unforgettable one. See y’all soon!